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Cloud Virtual Private Server Hosting from HostNine brings you the very best of the dedicated server in a convenient VPS package. Host your dreams in the cloud and experience unmatched speed, power and flexibility. HostNine\'s intelligent cloud system eliminates the traditional single point of failure, enabling new heights in redundancy and reliability.

Best Cloud VPS - HostNine - Overview

SiteCloud, based in Santa Monica, California, offers various web hosting solutions including shared cloud, cloud VPS, cloud reseller hosting, and even cloud dedicated servers. SiteCloud was one of the first web hosts to offer the Amazon EC2 Elastic Cloud along with cPanel/WHM for managing your VPS Account. This allows everything to function as most are used to while providing cloud hosting in the backend.

One of the major differences between standard VPS hosting and cloud VPS hosting service is scalability. With SiteCloud cloud VPS hosting, you pay for what you use. If your sites become popular for one month and you need more power, your site will deliver that power at a higher cost through the use of measured compute cycles. Much like fuel for autos today, cloud hosting essentially charges you for what you actually use, instead of forcing clients to estimate usage and potentially overpay for services they do not need.

More great advantages of SiteCloud is their nightly backups. All SiteCloud hosting packages from shared to dedicated servers are backed up nightly so you will not need to worry about losing your data. SiteCloud is backed by 24/7/365 customer support in North America via toll free telephone, email, or live chat. SiteCloud will migrate your hosting account(s) to their service free of charge. Lastly, SiteCloud is a green web host that offers eco-friendly hosting. The SiteCloud hosting services are 100% carbon neutral, wind powered, and certified REC's.

SiteCloud's Cloud VPS Hosting packages are not like traditional VPS hosting plans, they're much better. Virtual Private Servers come with their own sets of challenges and limitations that won't solve issues that growing sites face. Often customers are told that they are no longer suitable for a shared environment and must upgrade to a Virtual Private Server, what they aren't being told is that the hosting platform they are on is unable to handle the site and therefore is inadequate. With the SiteCloud VPS comparable cloud hosting, you'll get the benefits of being able to run on a scalable, reliable and easy to use platform without the hassles of traditional VPS hosting.

Some features of SiteCloud Cloud VPS Hosting include:
  • cPanel VPS built on top of the Amazon EC2 elastic cloud
  • Up to 90 GB disk space
  • Up to 1,000 GB of bandwidth
  • Up to 30,000 compute cycles with expansions available to dedicated servers
  • Unlimited hosted domains
  • Unlimited SSH access
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Free domain, free site builder, and free site migration
  • Nightly backups

Best Cloud VPS - HostNine - Conclusion

SiteCloud is an excellent choice for cloud VPS hosting because of their unique service built on top of Amazon's EC2 elastic cloud. The end result is you'll have access to the best in web hosting technology, cloud VPS, for reasonable prices. SiteCloud offers the best of both worlds, they provide you with an excellent service built on cloud technology and then package that with the worlds most demanded and requested control panel, cPanel.

Overall, if you are looking for a good cloud VPS hosting solution SiteCloud should be high up on your consideration list. Although they do lease their cloud hosting technology from Amazon, SiteCloud goes the extra step and packages cPanel with their hosting to provide the most user friendly cloud VPS hosting experience possible. VPS Hosting Review feels that SiteCloud is the most convenient and feature-packed cloud hosting available and therefore was awarded the best cloud VPS hosting solution for 2013.

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