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Pair Networks VPS Hosting - Editor's Review

Pair networks was founded in 1996 and focuses on high-quality premium web hosting. Pair currently offers shared web hosting, high volume shared web hosting, Ecommerce hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.

Pair networks prides themselves on being one of only few companies that started from the ground up. They build, maintain, and monitor their own web servers, have their own office for customer support, and have built their empire from a small 600 sq. ft. office to a scalable location in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where they've been located since December, 2009.

Pair offers standard virtual private servers with their own account control center control panel for managing your VPS Account. Pair offers three Virtual Private Server plans called VQS-1, VQS-2, and VQS-3. With Pair you will have access to up to 1GB RAM, up to 40 GB disk space, and up to 800GB bandwidth.

Pair is known as a premium non-oversold web hosting company that has thousands of raving customers worldwide. We have used Pair web hosting for several years and can attest to their quality over 6 years of our own web hosting needs.

Pair uses their own customized control panel called Account Control Center that offers most of the features webmasters need. Pair's control panel does not make web hosting easy for the newcomer though, any installation of common scripts has to be done manually and the method in which Pair manages databases can be troublesome.

Pair Networks VPS Hosting - Price Value Review

Note: VPS Host Reviews only considers the monthly rate for Pair Networks VPS pricing comparison and rating since the majority of VPS customers prefer to pay monthly.

Pair is very expensive. In fact, they are the highest virtual private server company listed on VPS Hosting Review. Even compared to LiquidWeb, which is a premium virtual private server web host.

Pair is so popular because they give you exactly what you pay for. Unfortunately, with their premium VPS hosting, you'll be paying a lot for the same features you could get far cheaper elsewhere.

With Pair there is a $50 setup fee for each VPS you order.

Pair Networks VPS Hosting - Reliability Review

Pair is extremely reliable. We've used them for years and have never had problems with our sites going offline for extended periods of time. Based on other reviews from other customers, Pair remains unbeatable when it comes to reliability.

Pair Networks VPS Hosting - Customer Support Review

Pair customer support, as far as our own experience, has been nothing but stellar. They have been able to assist with problems, repairs, and other solutions as needed. They respond to tickets within 20 minutes typically.

Pair offers the following support options:
  • 24/7 Toll free telephone technical support
  • Limited toll free telephone sales support
  • International telephone numbers for international customers
  • Web contact forms with email tracking
  • Direct email addresses to get help
  • Extensive customer support documentation
  • Customer-only service notices without outage information
  • Email newsletter sent monthly.

Pair does not currently offer live chat or a community forum, however, they do have a newsgroup server that a few customers use to communicate. Overall, Pair is an excellent web host when it comes to customer support. Their agents are very responsive, kind, and friendly.