Helping You Choose: Linux VPS Vs Windows VPS

Now that you understand what a VPS Virtual Private Server is, the advantages of a VPS, know if cPanel VPS or Plesk VPS is right for you, and understand whether you want a managed VPS or unmanaged VPS, the last question should be, which operating system do I need? You have two major choices for your VPS and they are a Linux VPS or a Windows VPS. But what is the difference? Read on!

Linux Virtual Private Servers

Even though you may use Windows on your computer as it is the most popular option, do not let this effect your choice of operating system for your web hosting needs. Desktop computing and internet servers are two entirely different breeds. Whereas in the world of desktop computing, Windows is the most popular platform, with internet servers, Linux is king.

The advantages of a Linux VPS:

A Linux VPS Will Always Be Cheaper - Linux is an open source operating system that costs web hosts $0 in licensing fees. Therefore, when compared to a Windows VPS, you will find that any Linux VPS plan is at least $15-$20 cheaper. Since Linux does not need the high licensing fees that other operating systems do; you can freely download and use Linux at no cost.

Increased Reliability - Linux servers can be heavily optimized as can the applications installed on them to use less system resources. The cPanel control panel for VPS even has a VPS optimized feature that ensures the use of the least amount of resources including RAM as possible.

Supports the Most Popular Technology - a Linux VPS fully supports LAMP which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. With LAMP, you will have the capabilities to serve websites from content in a database and even do URL rewriting to make PHP pages appear more user friendly. In fact, VPS Hosting Reviews takes full advantage of these technologies.

Database Support - There are many kinds of databases that run on Linux hosting, but the most widespread most likely among web host providers are MySQL and PostgreSQL. These databases are relational by nature, and permit vastly optimized communication with your website for rapid reclamation of data.

Windows Virtual Private Servers

The main advantage of using a Windows VPS server over a Linux VPS server is the support for classic ASP and ASP.NET web pages and scripts that is offered. For those that need ASP, Windows VPS is the obvious choice for your Virtual Private Server needs. Windows VPS offers several advantages over Linux which are as follows:

Windows Technology - .NET technologies like ASP dot net VB dot net are available on this platform. If you have a website built with Microsoft .NET technologies then you will have to choose a Windows server hosting plan.

Windows Based Database Support - Need to use a MS SQL or Microsoft Access database? MS SQL or Access can only run on a Microsoft Windows platform and thus it is unavailable on a Linux hosting. If your site needs to use these types o databases, then your only choice is Windows Virtual Private Servers or other Windows-based web hosting.

Microsoft Sharepoint - Microsoft Sharepoint a software platform developed by Microsoft for collaboration and web publishing combined under a single server. These capabilities include developing web sites, portals, intranets, content management systems, search engines, wikis, blogs, and other tools for business intelligence. If your site requires the use of Microsoft Sharepoint, you will need to opt for a Windows VPS or other Windows hosting environment to take advantage of this technology.

Remote Desktop - Remote Desktop access is a standard feature with all Windows VPS plans. Compared to a Linux VPS that has SSH which a text based interface requiring the knowledge of commands, a Windows VPS server via Remote Desktop allows you to visually see what you are doing to the server configuration.

Windows VPS or Linux VPS - Help Me Choose?

The choice is simple, if you need to use .NET, ASP, MS SQL or Microsoft Access databases, need Sharepoint, then the choice is clear, you will need a Windows VPS. But if you are in the majority who do not need these services, a Linux VPS is the better choice.

With a Linux Virtual Private Server, you will save money in the near and distant future. Since Linux is open source, that means you won't be paying extra money every month for the licensing costs of a Windows server, your web host is charged licensing fees for Windows Server, these costs will trickle down to you, the customer. Also, with Linux, you'll have access to the most popular open source (free) web software systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and hundreds of others. Although some products like WordPress will work on a Windows environment, you will quickly come across issues such as mod-rewrite not being compatible on Windows. Most open source software that is available will only work on Linux, are highly optimized for Linux use, or simply won't work on Windows, period.

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