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Hybrid Virtual Private Servers

The hybrid virtual private servers offers guaranteed high RAM, disk space and bandwidth but at a price still considerably lower than having your own dedicated server. Hybrid VPS is like a combination of having the virtual hosting flexibility in a dedicated server scale and power. It comes in various control panel options. cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin are offered.

The hybrid virtual private servers are on a Linux-based operating system and there are not much Windows-based hybrid virtual private servers available as of the time being.

People who switched from standard virtual private servers to hybrid virtual private servers are fully satisfied because of the obvious increase in speed and other upgrades.  With virtual private servers, a dedicated server are subdivided to as little as 10 virtual private servers while hybrid virtual private servers keep the number at an average of 4 per dedicated server.

Hybrid VPS hosting is considered to be the fastest growing segment of the hosting market. With its great flexibility and great support plus its awesome features, the hybrid hosting and hybrid VPS have a great future ahead.

Why Choose a Hybrid Virtual Private Server?

It's like enterprise class hardware but at a fraction of the cost. It's a powerful web hosting package with greater amount of resources compared to other virtual private servers and with the flexibility greater than with shared hosting. With hybrid virtual private servers, you have the ability to add your own applications without root access. It is dynamic. When you are using a hybrid virtual private server, you are ensured that your performance will never be lacking and with its adaptability, as your web traffic grows and your server needs increase, the hybrid virtual private server will adjust to handle your needs. Also, if there's a need to upgrade your hybrid server, there's no need to manually upgrade the whole system. This guarantees no downtime for you as each upgrade is just a mouse click away.

Hybrid virtual private servers combine the strengths of both the dedicated and virtual private servers.

What Control Panel to Choose?

cPanel Hybrid VPS are using the most stable control panel. With its Webhost Manager and cPanel control system, server administration is made easy that even without any professional knowledge about side administering, you could still administer with ease.

Plesk Hybrid VPS are more affordable than cPanel Hybrid VPS. Plesk comprehensive control panel is known to have a low security level in multi-hosting thus Virtuozzo is its best partner because it creates a more secure environment that Plesk lacks.

DirectAdmin Hybrid VPS on the other hand are using the easiest to use control panel. Its navigation control is at its best as it makes the whole navigation to and fro the options in the control panel a breeze. DirectAdmin is also known to be the quickest to load control panel in the market today.

The hybrid virtual private servers come in different packages.  Choosing the right package for you depends on your needs and the size of all your domains and the traffic you are generating and the intenseness of your site's memory and CPU needs.

We hope the above better explains Hybrid VPS to you. If you think Hybrid VPS is right for you, please look above for our most recent Hybrid VPS real user VPS reviews. We are positive you'll be able to choose the right Hybrid VPS company that is right for your needs.